NASH is an active industry association centred on light structural framing systems for residential and similar construction.

NASH represents the interests of:

  • suppliers,
  • practitioners, and
  • customers of steel framing systems.

Businesses in the industry join NASH to support cooperative programs for developing the market and industry infrastructure for all light structural steel framing, regardless of manufacturer.

NASH is active in:

  • regulatory processes affecting steel-framed housing,
  • contributing to New Zealand Standards and the Building Code of New Zealand, and
  • working closely with government planning agencies.


  • supports building trades education and training,
  • conducts generic product promotions,
  • facilitates technology transfer and product development,
  • provides well researched and balanced information to the public.

NASH Standards:

  • NASH Standard Part 2: 2019 and NASH Building Envelope Solutions  2019 are cited as Acceptable Solutions in the New Zealand Building Code.   NASH wants to make them publicly available, and downloadable from our website. Click here to access to the Publications page to download the latest NASH standards.