Steel framing - interior


Ceiling battens are fixed to the underside of the bottom chord of roof trusses, rafters or intermediate floor joists.

Plasterboard ceiling lining is fixed to the steel battens or furring channels.

Internal Wall Lining

Plasterboard wall linings are fixed with bugle head self-drilling screws and standard stud adhesive.

Plasterboard screws can be tightened to finish slightly below the surface of the plasterboard without damaging the paper facing.

In wet areas, water resistant plasterboard or fibre cement sheet is fixed with self-embedding head screws. Flashing and tiling are done in the usual manner.

Prefinished wall linings may be glued to steel studs with a wallboard adhesive and braced in place until bonded.

Architraves, Skirtings and Mouldings

Timber trim that may need to be fixed through the linings into a steel frame can be secured with countersunk head extended point self-drilling screws, 50mm long for timber up to 23 mm thick and 65mm long for timber 23 to 30mm thick.

Manufacturers’ recommendations should be followed at all times.