Steel framing - Services


All light steel framing systems have pre-punched service holes provided in the wall studs.  All manufactures should fit grommets in service holes to protect services. Grommets are snapped into the service holes before piping is installed to support pipework and to prevent unwanted frame contact. All service holes  must be positioned close to the centreline of each stud.

Copper piping must be completely isolated from the steel frame.

In brick veneer construction, piping may be run in the cavity and fixed to the studs.


All holes for services must be protected by grommets.

Steel frames must be permanently earthed in accordance with local electrical requirements. A temporary earth should be established until a permanent earth is installed.

External Door and Window Frames

The same door and window frames used in timber-framed construction are also used in steel-framed construction.

Aluminium window frames fitted into timber can be installed by fastening through the jamb studs into the back of the reveal after positioning.

If it is not possible to secret-fix the frame, as may be the case with a window or door head, countersunk head self-drilling screws can be driven through the frame and packing into the steel framing. The same type of screws may also be used to fasten aluminium window frames direct to steel frame openings.

Internal Door Frames

Timber door frames in internal walls can be secret-fixed through the back of jamb studs with screws.

Alternatively, the frame may be fastened through the jamb into the studs with countersunk head self-drilling screws.