Steel Framing Presentation at UNITEC in Lockdown Level 3

One of the skills that lockdown has taught us to embrace is using technology and the level 3 lockdown in Auckland meant the steel framing presentation to the Architectural Technology student had to be held via a Zoom session. Over 150 students attended the virtual session, it was the largest presentation on steel framing that NASH have given.

The presentation was planned for 3 hours, but over ran by 15 minutes. There were questions at regular intervals throughout the sessions from the students.

The presenters were Alistair Fleming from NASH providing an introduction to steel production and applications.

Daniel Spencer from Framecad gave an in depth presentation on designing with light steel framing and examples of buildings under construction.

Bruce Campbell who is an Architectural Designer who has designed a number of steel framed houses and had a couple steel framed houses built for his own use.

Steve Tsai the lecturer who arranged the session was pleased with the presentation.

We are now looking to next year to improve the coverage and activities for steel framing at UNITEC.