Supply chain performance in CFS house-building*

Prefabrication is gaining greater traction because of its potential to address New Zealand’s housing problem with cost-effective, rapid construction and quality solutions. This has placed huge responsibility on producers (supply chains) as the flagbearers of innovation in construction. However, most of the small and medium sized producers, irrespective to their involvement in the offsite work, are facing critical challenges to remain in this competitive business. 

A list of critical factors was compiled based on the opinion of prefab experts for performance of suppliers in prefabricated house-building (from manufacturer to builders). Later a survey was conducted (pre-COVID), with suppliers of CFS building products (framing to volumetric), to determine the criticality level of performance challenges at company level. This study provides an insight of the CFS industry and vary based on the organizational maturity, supply chain roles and business scope. Also, it is helpful for both existing and prospective suppliers of CFS products, to understand the business dynamics.

*These findings are taken from PhD research project of Mr. Rehan Masood under supervision of Dr. James Lim, from Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, The University of Auckland, Auckland (