Modern Slavery Statement

The purpose of this statement is to outline our approach to ensuring that National Association of Steel-Framed Housing Inc. (NASH) minimises the risk of modern slavery in our business operations and supply chain. We recognise that slavery and human trafficking can occur in many forms. This can include slavery, servitude, human trafficking, forced marriage, forced labour, debt bondage, child labour, and deceptive recruiting for labour or services. NASH will not tolerate any forms of slavery or human trafficking in our business.

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with one of our priority goals being Goal 8: decent work and economic growth. We strongly support this goal with the commitment in working to eradicate the many forms of modern slavery.  Goal 8 aligns with Treasury’s Living Standards framework against which we measure our progress.

Our Business

NASH, the National Association of Steel Framed Housing, is an active industry association centred on light structural framing systems for residential and low-rise steel construction.  The association represents the interests of suppliers, practitioners and customers – all those involved in light steel framing systems.

Our Commitment

NASH recognise the importance of maintaining constant vigilance to identify and address any issues associated with slavery and human trafficking in NASH and throughout our membership, industry partners and supply chains. We are committed to continuing to enhance our capacity to identify, prevent and mitigate any actual or potential risks in these areas.

NASH is a member of the Sustainable Steel Council of New Zealand.

NASH reserve the right to employ students aged under 15, outside of normal school hours, to perform basic tasks within our business on a short term basis (commonly known as “holiday work”). This type of employment follows the protocols of the relevant New Zealand employment laws.

Potential Risks in Our Operations and Supply Chain

We rely completely on our New Zealand based suppliers, contractors, members and industry partners  to do the required investigation of their supply chain to ensure compliance.