Ngā Kāinga Anamata – Homes of the Future

Ngā Kāinga Anamata is a sustainability-innovation public housing pilot project, aimed at driving carbon emission reduction in New Zealand’s construction industry.



The project was gifted its name, meaning ‘homes of the future’ to reflect its aspiration of building tomorrow’s houses today, while maintaining a cultural lens and links to core Māori values.

The core focus of Ngā Kāinga Anamata is to achieve the Government’s 2030 carbon emission targets by 2024, sharing insights and influencing change in New Zealand’s built environment.

The project will deliver 30 new homes within five, three-level apartment buildings in Auckland’s Glendowie. Each near identical building will use a different construction technology, enabling sustainability insights to be gathered on a range of building materials and systems.

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Source Kāinga Ora, released 28th October 2021