Howick is a pioneer in the technology of precision light steel roll-forming machines. Our commitment to innovation in light gauge steel and precision manufacturing, underpins the competitive advantage enjoyed by our customers.

We are trusted partners and suppliers to developers, builders and offsite construction companies in over 75 countries. Our technology offers high-precision manufacturing direct from coil steel to steel framing, flooring and roofing systems. Our open language control system means no licence fees, and you are free to choose your software. Using the Howick system also means you do not pay toll rolling fees.

For over 40 years we manufacture our systems in our plant in East Auckland, using quality New Zealand-made componentry, either manufactured at the Howick factory or sourced locally. This gives us tremendous quality control, and oversight of our complete supply chain, systems and processes, assuring a standard of quality that we believe sets our technology apart.

At Howick we see ourselves as part of the solution to better, smarter construction technology and the global housing crisis.