Kiwi Steel Frames

At KIWI STEEL FRAMES we are a one stop solution for designing, manufacturing, and installing Light Gauge Steel frames for your Residential or Commercial projects.
We provide a 5-step approach from START to FINISH.
1.) We go over your Architect’s plans
2.) Our experienced designers design your building with the most suitable and economical frames.
3.) The manufacturing team fabricate your steel frames based on your custom specifications.
4.) Our delivery agents swiftly deliver the steel frames to your Project site once the foundation works are completed.
5.) Our experienced installers erect your Steel Frames, trusses, and mid floor for your Multi Story buildings.

Steel frames are the solution to every one of timber’s problems. They  are lighter, healthier, more environmentally friendly and will last longer. Our steel frames are 100% Made in New Zealand to your custom requirements. Construction is quicker too!Have a residential or commercial project you want to build with a core of pure steel? Contact us on details below and get a FREE QUOTE.

Simran Sidhu,
182 Great South Road, Takanini, Auckland