Steel Nest

Steel Nest manufactures steel frames, joists, and trusses to aid us in building your homes at a much higher quality and quicker pace than by using timber framing. So if you need strong, easy-to-install steel framing for your next construction project, renovation, extension or tiny home, get in touch

We decided to go towards steel manufacturing due to timber’s complications to the worksite. We are very proud and excited to be able to extend our new manufacturing service alongside our ongoing years in construction. We have an experienced team of engineers and designers that have come on board to realise the production of our steel.​

At STEEL NEST, we produce the highest quality steel framing at the best value. We use new Zealand steel from Axxis® steel for our projects. Our latest technologies guarantee outstanding results throughout the production.

We offer exceptional client support from start to finish for residential and commercial builds! So whether you’re renovating your home, building a new build or looking for a tiny home you can put together yourself, get in touch.

Contact us at:

tel:+64 21792679