80 Structures

80 Structures is a family-owned and operated boutique steel design office based in Auckland, specializing in high-quality designs of light gauge steel structures for various markets and applications. Co-owned by Tibor and Andra, both of whom hold bachelor’s degrees in structural engineering, we have over 15 years of experience in cold-formed steel design, engineering, manufacturing, on-site assembly, and modularization.

With Tibor’s background as an ex-FrameCAD employee, we possess in-depth knowledge of FrameCAD design and manufacturing systems. Additionally, his 8-year experience with Howick rollformer in Europe allows us to optimize designs for manufacturing, cost-effectiveness, and ease of on-site assembly.

At 80 Structures, we have collaborated with various steel manufacturers on numerous projects across New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. Our portfolio includes diverse structures such as apartment buildings, single and multi-level family homes, modular buildings, transportable homes, schools, day-care centers, retirement villages, commercial and office buildings, and even tiny houses. With our extensive expertise, you can trust that your future projects are in capable hands.

Understanding the unique needs of each client, we take a customer-centric approach to deliver personalized solutions. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, code compliance, and cost-effectiveness has earned us the trust of clients seeking exceptional outcomes.

Contact us today via email at or call us on +64 (0)21 303 204. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you turn your ideas into reality.


LGSC Limited are LBP licenced designers who specialize in Steel frame design.

From concept to completion or for timber to steel frame conversions contact us for an effective design at competitive rates.


Steel Frame Solutions

Steel Frame Solutions is a total design and manufacture provider of LGS (light gauge steel framing) to the building industry based in Auckland.

Steel Frame Solutions uses the most advanced steel framing system available in the world today, combining design and engineering software with an automated roll former to produce wall frames, roof trusses, floor joists and panels quickly and accurately. Steel Frame Solutions also offers a total erect and turnkey package. With our broad experience we offer innovative solutions to your challenges.

We manufacture for all segments of the building industry, commercial, light industrial, investment housing, low cost housing, high end bespoke homes, apartment multi-residential, owner builder, cladding and façade builders and even transportable homes. Owner builders benefit from our expert level of detailing skill thru having built a vast number of steel framed homes, and the personal service given on your important investment. Erectors and builders appreciate the lightweight frames being faster and easier to erect. For example, a 7.5 metre wall frame can easily be carried and installed by two men, roof trusses can be lifted into place by hand.

Commercial builders love the reduced program times available by using Light Gauge Steel for their multi-story residential projects, with less trades on site and faster erection times saving $$. Façade and cladding experts can expect extremely accurate frames and sub-assemblies in some outrageous shapes and design parameters. Everyone recognizes the advantages from eliminating waste and mess on site, our product is 100% recyclable.