e3 Consultants NZ Ltd

e3 Consultants are a well-established team of structural engineers with extensive local and international experience, specialising in the structural design of residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

e3 consulting

Phone: 0800 377 8782

EQSTRUC are one of the only registered engineering firms that encompass Light Gauge Steel (LGS) design. Using innovative designs, our team of passionate engineers design solutions with the client in mind, ultimately saving you time and money. Let us take care of all structural engineering requirements. Residential, Industrial, modular and commercial designs.

Extra Mile Consulting

Extra Mile Consulting are a small, family practice offering structural engineering and drafting services. Their wide experience, knowledge and passion can make any project a success, no matter how big or small; complicated or straightforward.


Redco NZ Ltd

Redco NZ Ltd are a Chartered Professional Engineers, specialising in the design of cold formed steel framing, particularly steel framed housing. Having developed the ‘NASH 3405 design & construction manual’, they are available to provide full engineering design & advice services to architects, designers, fabricators & installers.