NZ Steel partners with Government to shrink carbon footprint of Glenbrook steel mill

May 2023

It will take a joint effort from both the private and public sector to reduce carbon emissions in New Zealand.  The world steel industry is looking for alternatives to traditional steelmaking methods to turn steel into a low-carbon and circular product. 

For New Zealand and the local steel sector New Zealand Steel’s recent announcement that they are co-investing $160 million and will receive $140 mill from the Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry Fund (GIDI) which will support the installation of an electric arc furnace (EAF) at the Glenbrook plant within the next three years. 

This investment at New Zealand Steel provides benefits to NASH members and the wider steel framing sector, securing steelmaking production in New Zealand making it as close as possible to being self-sufficient using renewable energy to recycle domestic scrap steel.  

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