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NASH/PrefabNZ Members Event – ‘Cluster’

NASH  Members who watch the TV series Grand Designs NZ might have recently seen Archtiect, Nic Ballara, house being built on an almost impossible site in Wellington.

NASH, in conjunction with PreFab NZ, Architectural Designers of New Zealand, New Zealand Intitute of Architects, Designers Institute of New Zealand and the New Zealand Green Building Council, will be hosting an event at the house on the 23rd Feb 2016 from 4:30pm – 6:30pm.

This event is free for NASH Members – please email to book your place. Registration is needed for catering purposes and there is a limit on total attendance numbers.

NASH member, Frametek, were actively involved in this memorable project.

To find out more information about the event visit:


Len & Jill Helms wins NASH Award at Prestigious Metals Gala Dinner


Gordon Barratt (NASH Chairman), Jill Helms, Len Helms and Hon. Todd Mclay

The NASH Excellence Award recipients for this year are Len and Jill Helms Directors of Golden Homes. Golden Homes opened its doors in 1990. Len and Jill Helms wanted to give Kiwis quality homes at an affordable price. In 2004, Len and Jill traveled extensively to investigate the opportunities for steel as a framing material after growing increasingly disillusioned with the growing cost, waste and health aspects of traditional framing materials.  From this the ZOG brand of steel framing was born and this has become the one and only building method used by Golden Homes. But none of this happened without significant investment and development of technical solutions and resources, combined with sheer determination and drive.


NASH Forum at Metals Week 2015

MetalsNZ will be holding their conference from 8:30am to 1pm on Thursday 3rd September. NASH will be supporting the event by holding a free forum for interested parties from 2pm to 5pm. Delegates who wish to attend the morning MetalsNZ session need to register via as there is a fee attached to the event.

Please let me know if you will be attending the NASH afternoon session –

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CPIT will become one of the first educational facilities in the country to add steel-framed housing construction to its curriculum – a response to the growing demand for the technology, particularly through the Canterbury rebuild.

The new training initiative, which will be launched on 18 June, has been developed through a partnership between the National Association of Steel-Framed Housing (NASH), CPIT and Canterbury-based steel-building manufacturer, Totalspan. As part of the programme, carpentry students at CPIT will be getting valuable, hands-on experience constructing houses using steel-framing materials supplied by Totalspan on the institute’s existing Tradefit construction site.


New Qualification for the training of Carpenters

The Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) are seeking Industry  feedback on the proposed revision to qualification used for the training of Carpenters. The new qualification, which will be called the New Zealand Certificate in Carpentry, will replace the current National Certificate in Carpentry.

See below to find out when and where to attend your local feedback meeting:

Feedback Meeting Dates & Times


Cold-Formed Steel Framing a Strong Performer in Fires

A scientific investigation conducted by the University of Auckland has identified the strength of steel under fire conditions.

In February 2013, Rohit Pantham from the University of Auckland’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering – under the supervision of Dr Charles Clifton, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering – conducted New Zealand’s first scientific investigation into the performance of light steel-framed housing in the event of a fully developed fire,

Basing the investigation on a fully developed fire that occurred in an Auckland residence, a model was established that took into account all of the relevant conditions existing within the fire.  Through comparing the predicted failure times of the wall and ceiling linings, and taking into account the combustible material in the room, as well as the boundary conditions (e.g. the material/surface of the walls), the model was able to calculate that the fire exceed 900°C in the enclosure of origin and over 600°C in the roof space.

The conclusion of the investigation was that the house performed exceptionally well. Despite being exposed to a fully developed fire, the steel framing did not collapse in either the walls or ceiling.  This not only prevented the house from collapsing but meant that most of it remained weathertight after the event and that the fully developed fire was restricted to the enclosure of origin.  Even more telling was the fact that a significant portion of the steel framing could have been cleaned and reused after the event.

This investigation demonstrated that light steel framing does perform in the event of a fire and significantly reduces the chances of damage to the structure as a whole.

View a PDF of the full report.


NASH Part 2 and 3 Standard available for industry comment

The NASH Standard for Residential and Low-rise Light Steel Framing, Part 2 is now available for industry comment.

General Manager Carl Davies says the standard follows on from the publication of Part 1.  “Part 2 is of particular interest to member companies and designers as it provides guidance in terms of load span tables and other design criteria.  This enables designers to design efficiently and cost effectively.”


Steel Framing replaces moisture damaged home

In mid 2009 Colleen Dick’s home was demolished. It had suffered from serious moisture ingress and the resulting damage had got to a point where the only viable option was to bowl the house and start again. Although Colleen was successful in her legal claim against various parties, after she paid all her lawyers and expert fees she did not have enough money to rebuild her home.

The Home Owners and Buyers Association of New Zealand (HOBANZ) have stepped in and are helping to facilitate the rebuild project. A large number of companies have come to the party and are donating their time and products to the project. The National Association of Steel Framed Housing Inc (NASH) is pleased to be playing a leading role in this with its members assisting in the rebuild from New Zealand Steel donating the AXXIS® Steel framing and other members roll forming and erecting the steel.

The Close Up team from TVNZ filmed the demolishing of Colleens home and is eager to get the rebuild story up on screen. The new design is complete using a similar layout to her original home and incorporating the latest in energy efficiencies. The building consent has been approved and the construction is underway.

For more information see


NASH joins Metals NZ

See link for info on this pan industry association.