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NASH, the National Association of Steel Framed Housing, represents the interests of the fabricators of light steel framing systems for housing and low-rise steel framed construction. Our members include specialist steel frame builders as well as suppliers of products and services to the industry.

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We recommend you only use a:
NASH Accredited manufacturer.

NASH accredited suppliers have Quality assurance systems verified by NASH.
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Gib EzyBrace:

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NASH standards:

NASH is pleased to announce that the new NASH Alternative Solutions are now available for purchase.

NASH Standard for Residential and Low-rise Steel Framing, Part 1: Design Criteria

NASH Standard for Residential and Low-rise Steel Framing, Part 2: Light Steel Framed Buildings

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All NASH publications are available for purchase.


NOTE: These Publications are free to Councils please email gm@nashnz.org.nz if you require us to provide them to your local council.