BRANZ E-Learning Modules

NASH recognised the limited educational resources available to residential designers covering steel-framed housing. BRANZ who have produced the Building Basics – Lightweight Steel Framing guide proposed developing an on-line learning resource to address the knowledge gap. Thanks to our NASH members for their contribution and to BRANZ for their expertise.

This series of three modules provides a practical and comprehensive introduction to the design and construction of lightweight steel-framed buildings. Developed by BRANZ in collaboration with the NASH, the modules are aimed at designers and builders seeking to gain skills and knowledge on this topic.

TOPIC 1.  Steel-Framed Buildings – An overview for designers and builders
This 20-minute module steps designers and builders through the basics of steel-frame buildings. By completing these building blocks, you will gain an understanding of statutory requirements; materials and specifications; linings, thermal breaks, and insulation; and floors, roofs, and walls.  Buy here >

TOPIC 2.  Steel-Framed Buildings – Understanding the principles of design
This 20-minute module gives designers in-depth, practical guidance on design principles and considerations for lightweight steel framing that differ from timber construction. This module includes preplanning; steel basics; fixings and connections; and on-site remediation.  Buy here > 

TOPIC 3.  Steel-Framed Buildings – Designing a steel-framed building
This 20-minute module provides comprehensive guidance on the design and construction of steel-framed buildings and steps learners through a diverse range of fundamental topics including walls, floors, and rafters; roof structure; insulation; thermal breaks and underlays; wiring and piping; fire and acoustics; windows, doors and wall cladding; bracing; and foundations and connections. Buy here >