Highlights: Chair Report May 2023

It has been another busy year for NASH and its members, while the NZ economy swings from boom to recession and residential permits decline.  The years highlights are:-

1. Ongoing regulatory change continues to challenge all

  • Building for Climate Change (BfCC) programme will require that building designers will be required to declare operational carbon, energy use, and embodied carbon in materials used in the building. 
  • MBIE’s regulatory reform process has bought about changes to Energy Efficiency (H1), provided new frameworks for off-site manufacture and new requirements re product information requirements for consumers.
  • The first draft of NZS3604 was due in November last year, and the delay will impact upon NASH as some of our design requirements rely on timber standards/ solutions

NASH continues to participate in much of the reform process, submitting discussion documents, presenting at Select Committee hearings, and working with industry colleagues to ensure solutions are practical for the industry.

2. NASH’s R&D programme

  • NASH’s  seismic bracing programme has been developed in partnership with Structural & Environmental Engineering at Auckland University. The programme has developed structural solution which will pave the way for higher performance for 1-3 storied residential structures. The  second phase of this project, (focused on floor, wall, floor connections with light weight flooring systems will expand our market further with innovative solutions supported by robust testing.
  • NASH and our Partners “H1 delivering international levels of energy efficiency” is providing robust fact base on CFS’s energy efficiency performance and laying the pathway to deliver higher performing residential whole-of-building systems (ceiling/wall/floor and the junctions in between). Supported by BRANZ this programme includes New Zealand Steel, Winstone Wallboards, Thermakraft Kingspan, Comfortech, and Framecad. NASH wishes to acknowledge not only our partners financial support but their active engagement in the programme which is committed to delivering more energy efficient homes for New Zealand.

3. New look for NASH

Thanks for New Zealand Steel for their assistance to rebrand NASH.   The new wordmark and other brand collateral will be available for the members use in the next few weeks. The new website is underway providing members and CFS user better access to NASH technical,  learning solutions and resources.

4. Education and Learning Programmes

NASH is continuing to make it easy to use CFS through it education work delivered to the Building Industry Officials, NZQA, Te Pukenga and design students at polytechs. 

Gary Knofflock, May 2023